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About Us 

mwa-uk is a strategic and creative consultancy that operates in the Business, Not-For-Profit and Consumer sectors. 

There are two distinct facets of our business. Firstly we provide a broad range of solution focused services, delivered by highly experienced professionals and specialists, to individual clients and organisations. Secondly we create an eclectic spectrum of entertainment product for market:

  • for the Business sector we provide commercially driven, value-add solutions, business advice, coaching and mentoring to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises)
  • for Not-For-Profit organisations we create, implement and manage experiential campaigns designed to enhance causal awareness and maximise supporter engagement
  • for the Consumer market we develop and produce live performance projects; theatre, concerts and bespoke entertainment throughout the UK and internationally

If you would like to know more about mwa-uk and the work we do, or would like to informally discuss a potential project with us, please contact: malcolm williamson

Email: malcolm@mwa-uk.com    Telephone: +44 7788 675 888